Medieval Islamic Medicine

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Medieval Islamic Medicine

Medieval Islamic Medicine and innovative scientific research performed in the goal of advancing the health field were one of the main characteristics that defined the Islamic Medieval culture. How did the Medieval Islamic Medicine come to rise and have such a remarkable impact on the world we know today?

It is very interesting to note the historical events that led to such advancements in the Medieval Islamic medicine were also paralleled by a colossal decline in the European medical field. There was a time in history where medical discoveries were made by the Romans and the Greeks, however around the fifth Century, the Western Roman Empire collapsed and with it the intellectual thinking, knowledge and scientific studies in Europe went obsolete.

As we entered the era of the New World, Europe was governed by Christianity and the Church took over the medical field. Christianity preached compassion and care for the ill and the weak and so the doctors were the members of the clergy but instead of taking care of the disease, they cared for the soul and prayed for a divine intervention or a merciful death. Real medical Physicians with some medicine to treat the ailments were no longer available instead monks and clergymen with prayers were the answer. In fact, diseases were often viewed as a possession by the devil and could only be cured by sacraments… Consequently, there were different saints dedicated for the each disease, and needless to say the European medicine no longer existed.

As the European school of thought and medicine was totally forgotten, the Islamic civilization was expanding and rising … The Medieval Islamic civilization had extended from the Middle East, Iran, Iraq, all the Way to India and Spain in Europe. Arabic, the language of the Prophet Mohamed and the Quran, unified all these different nations and allowed the Medieval Islamic Medicine with their Islamic Herbal medical knowledge and avidity for advancement to boom.